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Electronic Ground Fault Relay

Electronic Ground Fault Relays are helpful in detecting of the insulation faults that may develop in the system. The potted construction of the mentioned range renders durability and reliability for ensuring maximum security to the system. With the help of the presence of charging current, nuisance can also be avoided.

Current Transformer

Current Transformer helps in supplying the protective relays whose magnitude current is directly proportional to the power circuit. Moreover, it is helpful for isolating the high voltage circuits to the measuring instruments. Its working principle is similar to that of the power transformer and it also comprises primary as well as secondary winding.

Electronic Overload Relay

Our offered Electronic Overload Relays offers better reliability and accuracy protection for all the components that undergo phase or overload failure. The mentioned range helps in rendering flexible design, seamless Logix integration and simplified wiring for transforming real time diagnostics into some actionable information for protecting installed components and maximizing up time.

Digital Over-Current Relay

Improper selection of current transformer may lead to its saturation during fault conditions that can simultaneously affect the operations of the relay. This being the reason, we offer Digital over-Current Relay that does not damage even in the fault conditions without having any affect on the saturation of the performance of the transformer.

Single Phase Relay

As the name implies, Single Phase Relays has been designed to protect load over a single phase caused by variations in voltage in the main. These relays are available with a broad variety of features such as time delay for compressor, air conditioning equipment and many more. The mentioned range can also be used as a switching device for the other devices or independently.

Electronic Overcurrent Relay

As the name implies, our offered Electronic OverCurrent Relay is known to be a digital microprocessor that is based upon over-current relay for rendering non-directional phase to ground as well as phase to phase over-current protection. Be it inverse time or the definite one, the mentioned range offers both of the over-current function along with the adjustable time delay.

Electronic Thermal Overload Relay

Our offered Electronic Thermal Overload Relay is an electronic device that when connected to a motor contactor offers protection from the overload. This being the reason, it is essential to couple it with an circuit breaker that is magnetically upstream. The mentioned range of overload relays are usually preferred because of their cost effectiveness and reliability.

Phase Monitor Relay

We offer an immense selection of Phase Monitor Relay offers various features such as remote adjustments, function for time delay, fixed setting without the incorporation of knobs and special configuration of pin are to name a few. In exception to our rendered features, the mentioned range can also be customized as per the customers' requirement.

Earth Leakage Relay

As the name implies, our offered range of Earth Leakage Relay finds usage for protecting the circuit against the electrical leakage in that circuit. This relay works by cutting off the power supply within the time period of 0.1 second, whenever an electric shock is exceeded to the fixed value.

Earth Fault Relay

Earth Fault Relay is helpful for protecting feeder from all the faults that involve ground. The mentioned Earth fault relay are the single and double line to the ground faults. In order to fulfill all diverse market needs, the offered relays can be categorized into two types such as neutral current transformer and the three phase current fault earth fault relay.

DC Undervoltage Relay

Depending upon the voltage to be used for the operations, our offered DC Undervoltage Relay can be categorized into two types, of which one of the kind is definite type in which the operation begins after the time is predetermined during the exceeding of the predetermined voltage. It also helps in resetting of the time from 0.5 to 25 seconds.

DC Overcurrent Relay

Our offered DC Overcurrent Relay helps in the detection of two current types using hall or shunt Sensor. This will be done if the current for the shunt type ranges from 0.1A to 240A and for hall sensor it should range between 5 to 360 Ampere. With the help of this relay, the load current can be readily checked without the need of any separate ampere meter.

Electronic Voltage Protection Relay

In the field of engineering, any protective relay is a device that has been engineered for tripping a circuit breaker during the detection of a fault. Our offered Electronic Voltage Protection Relay helps in emulating the original devices and rendering the protection by offering rudimentary indications of the target zones.

Electronic Undercurrent Relay

In an Electronic Undercurrent Relay, whenever the voltage supplied is connected to the A1 and A2 terminals, while input current to the terminal K and L then the fault signals would correspondingly switch on and off. The supply voltage to this relay should be 220 VAC and frequency 50 to 60 Hertz.