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Electronic Overcurrent Relay

In an Electronic Over Current Relay the impelling amount is just current. There is just a single current worked component in the hand-off, no voltage curl and so on are required to develop this defensive transfer. In over current relay, there would be basically a present curl. At the point when ordinary current courses through this loop, the attractive impact created by the curl aren’t adequate to move the moving component of the transfer, the limiting power is more noteworthy than redirecting power. In any case, when the current in our Electronic Over Current Relay through the loop expanded, the magnetic impact increments, and after specific level of current, the diverting power created by the magnetic impact of the curl, crosses the limiting power.

Key Features:

Relay is made by applying purposeful time delay

Can be changed in accordance with issue an outing yield at positive time

Has a period setting modification and get change

Hand-off works as the current in curl gets higher

Electronic Overcurrent Relay EOCR LR97D
Electronic Overcurrent Relay EOCR LR97D
  • Product Code: LR97D
  • Suitable for Conveyors, crushers, mixers, other machines
  • LT47 relays can be combined with the motor-starter function
  • Display: Energy efficient LEDs
  • D-Time: starting time, 0-Time: trip time during steady state
Electronic Overcurrent Relay EOCR LT47
Electronic Overcurrent Relay EOCR LT47
  • Product Code: LT47
  • Tripping time setting using the 0-Time knob
  • LT47 relay with manual/electric reset
  • Slowly turn the Load knob clockwise until the LED goes out.